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What is MoneyJar?

  • Money Jar is the only Irish owned, based, and operated, digital banking platform that promotes mindful spending and saving, which allows users to allocate different amounts of money to different “money jars” to save for particular goals – be it a holiday, a mortgage or something less significant as well as managing day to day current account banking.

  • To increase users’ control over their money, jars can be “locked” by nominating a friend or family member as guardian. They can also be shared with others for joint savings or budgeting goals and payments can be processed instantly from within the Money Jar app, or automated to make recurring expenditure easier to manage.

  • Money Jar is the only Central Bank of Ireland regulated digital banking platform - Funds are stored safely and ring fenced in a tier 1 Irish bank namely AIB

  • The key difference between Money Jar and the likes of Revolut is that they provide an Irish IBAN and are fully regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland which means that customers can use Money Jar as their main day to day current account, get their salary paid into it and pay all of their living expenses like rent, utility bills etc via direct debit or standing order.


The Benefits (in addition to above)

  • Digital Banking – Convenient banking

  • Immediate sign up = No PPS / Address required so this can be set up prior to entering the country, or commencing employment – This is a large stumbling block for us

  • 6 months free banking – no direct debit charges or standing order charges ever 


How do I sign up?

  • Download the MoneyJar App

  • Just select Grosvenor Services as the employer and enter code 29548 then just complete the easy sign up process 



MJ intro Video

Money Jar website 

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