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The Grosvenor e-Cademy was launched in 2019 across the business to all services. The  purpose of the e-Cademy, is to fulfill three main objectives;

  1. To educate and improve the skills of our staff whilst working from home or during a period of furlough to better contribute to the business as things return to normal.

  2. To provide a safer working environment; and,

  3. to develop and retain our valued employees.

There are a range of courses offered from practical skills training to health, safety and compliance.

There are 5 mandatory eLearning modules (above) that every employee must complete as part of their on-boarding and induction – no later than 7 days

To access e Learning


The e-Learning platform is a separate system to your employee portal - CORE HR. Do not try to log in to the e-Learning system with your CORE HR credentials.


When using the e-Learning for the first time, you must Sign Up with your name, email, and an easy to remember password.


If you have any technical issues regarding the e-Learning, please email

In addition, the following courses should also be completed in due course:

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